Paleas Court, Shirehampton, Bristol.
In an ordinary street in Bristol something extraordinary has happened. The world’s first straw bale eco-homes to be sold on the open market are nearing completion.

The houses come complete with 2.2kw of PV (Photo Voltaic), Air Source heat Pumps, MVHR system (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery), Rain Water Harvesting storage tanks, LED lighting through out.

The project is also a plaster board free design. Forty millimetre Compressed Straw Board, manufactured using Stramit Machine Technology, replaced the need for plasterboard. Used throughout for walls, partitions and ceilings, CSB offers a high performance acoustic, low carbon walling system.

The photo, top left, is a truth window, revealing the straw bale insulation at the core of the wall and CSB framing the opening.