Stramit Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation.

CooBio Circular Materials Ltd, the owner of Stramit International Ltd, has changed its name to Coobio Stramit International Ltd (CSI Ltd) and incorporated all the assets of Stramit International Ltd into one operation. This is seen as streamlining operations to deliver a range of products and services from CSB board, prefabricated panels and complete systems solutions, to complete turnkey CSB manufacturing line supply and support.

Celebrating 70 years of continuous innovation, we are in the past year of our international collaboration under a Horizon 2020 Research and Development Grant from the European Union. The project, called IsoBio, aimed to transform mainstream adoption of sustainable materials in building and construction - delivering significant energy efficiency improvements and wider environmental benefits. The project has run from 2015 for four years, with a budget of €6,3M, and the development comprised four significant phases. The first two focussed on taking the materials from idea to application, then  emphasis switched to a transition from lab to demonstration scale.


Our story is a long one, here is an original Stramit Advertiser from July 1948!