A Stramit Machine is up to 90 metres long and 7 meters high. Smaller format machines are also available.

A typical covered area of 3,000m² is recommended for a full set-up. A straw storage facility is also required.

A Stramit Machine running three shifts consumes:

10,000 tonnes of Straw
390 tons of paper
135 tons of glue

Power requirement 150 KVA ( may be generator) 
Access to gas & water connection is not required. Staffing requires six personnel per shift plus factory labour.

Unique amongst biobased materials, Stramit Machine Manufactured Compressed Straw Board has a British Standard - BS 40406:1991

Based on three shift working the Stramit 1008 machine can produce 480,000m² of 58mm board to BS 4046. The typical working life of a machine average 20 years.

A Stramit Machine can be fully operational within a year of signing a purchase contract.